Android RxJava search using Epoxy recyclerview

In this article I have implemented Android search using RxJava for instant search results. Various libraries such as Airbnb’s Epoxy recyclerview, Retrofit for network call is implemented for fetching results from the TMDB api.

I would be discussing only the important things in this article that deals with RXJava , Network calls and the Epoxy recyclerview implementation.


  1. RxJava
  2. Epoxy library
  3. Retrofit


For the basic implementation of a search view in RxJava I have used four operators namely debounce, filter, distinctUntilChanged and switchMap.

I will discuss the usages of the above mentioned operators .



I am here to tell about my last interview experience for a senior Android developer profile. I have tired answering a few and the rest I have just given the question. These are some of the basic questions asked during the interview session which we should be aware of.

  • Why bytecode cannot be run in Android?
  • What is Application class?
  • Difference between Service & Intent Service.
  • What are Handlers?
  • What is the disadvantage in using AsyncTask?
  • What is a ThreadPool?
  • Difference between Activity & Service.
  • What is an intent?
  • What is a Sticky Intent?
  • What is a Pending Intent?

Thulasi Ram

Android developer and a learner.

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